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Day 101 - The Health Care Systems are Sick - How can we Heal it?

Rozelle de LangeRozelle de Lange, Equal Money Exposes Ego

Day 101 - The Health-Care Systems are Sick - How can we Heal it?
The Problem
A fundamental problem within our world today, is our current HealthCare Systems.
One of the major problems within it is the general lack of healthcare for those who do not possess enough money to obtain it. Even when considering the average 'middle class family', they are also being driven to a point of not being able to afford basic health care due to the current healthcare systems being based more on profit and loss instead of being based within the consideration and support of life.
I was reading a news article the other day which highlighted the fact that mortality rates within South Africa are rising due to half of the State's hospital posts being vacant. It also reported of children dying due to staff shortages caused by holiday leave.
Here we are looking at the dimension of education, where we have so many job vacancies within the nursing field, yet what is not being considered is that MOST of our country's population are poverty stricken and are not even able to ascertain where there meals for next week will come from.
The problems with healthcare stretch much further than this…
Currently healthcare goes hand in hand with money. If you have lots of money, then you can go to sleep at night knowing that if anything were to happen to you or those within your financial care, that you would be able to acquire the assistance and support of a doctor/surgeon etc. However, this is not the case for majority of beings on earth. If you don’t have money, then you simply cannot afford to have your needs taken care of in the unlikely event of something happening to you for which you would need the support and assistance of the current healthcare systems.
Healthcare should be a basic human and animal right, however this is NOT the case within our physical reality.
Let’s take a look at a FEW of the healthcare problems within our world today:
  • One billion people lack      access to health care systems.
  • 36 million deaths each year      are caused by noncommunicable diseases, such as cardiovascular disease,      cancer, diabetes and chronic lung diseases. This is almost two-thirds of      the estimated 56 million deaths each year worldwide. (A quarter of these      take place before the age of 60.)
  • Over 7.5 million children      under the age of 5 die from malnutrition and mostly preventable diseases,      each year.
  • In 2008, some 6.7 million      people died of infectious diseases alone, far more than the number killed      in the natural or man-made catastrophes that make headlines.
  • AIDS/HIV has spread rapidly.      UNAIDS estimates for 2008 that there are roughly:
    • 33.4 million living with HIV
    • 2.7 million new infections       of HIV
    • 2 million deaths from AIDS
  • Tuberculosis kills 1.7      million people each year, with 9.4 million new cases a year.
  • 1.6 million people still die      from pneumococcal diseases every year. More than half of the victims are      children. (The pneumococcus is a bacterium that causes serious infections      like meningitis, pneumonia and sepsis. In developing countries, even half      of those children who receive medical treatment will die. Every second      surviving child will have some kind of disability.)
  • Malaria causes some 225      million acute illnesses and over 780,000 deaths, annually.
  • One billion people lack      access to health care systems.
  • Over 7.5 million children      under the age of 5 die from malnutrition and mostly preventable diseases,      each year.
  • In the U.S. The cost of      healthcare is the second leading cause of personal bankruptcy
  • In the U.S the average family premiums      now exceed the gross annual income of a fulltime minimum wage worker
Note that this lists merely a FEW of the current problems faced within healthcare today.
I was watching the documentary Health, Money and Fear, and here follows a transcription of a section in relation to 'The Marketing of Drugs':
In relation to the high costs of medication - 'they (drug companies) say "we have to charge these high prices to cover our research and development costs. If there were to be any kind of price regulation, that would stifle innovation and we wouldn't be able to bring you all the medical miracles that we are now bringing you". - None of that is true from beginning to end, except the part about 'the prices are high', that is indeed true.
If you look at just the top drug companies in the U.S in 2005, their sales came to $222 Billion.
They spend $32 Billion of that on Research and Development, but look at what they spent on Marketing and Administration = $71 Billion.
Over twice as much as what they spent on R & D. And after these expenditures they even kept more in profits = $39 Billion.
Their profit margin was 16%.
So when they say, "but we have to cover our R & D", yes, but what you are really covering is your outrageous marketing expenditures and your obscene profits - that's what you're doing. And that's what all these high prices are covering'.
This is EXACTLY what is happening within the healthcare system today. Companies are driven by profit and greed and from this products are born which do not even serve to assist and support the people, but rather to increase the profit margins of these companies.
Read the following information also obtained from  Health, Money and Fear :
"When the FDA considers a drug for approval, it has to be found reasonably safe and effective. But effective compared with what? Now there is the loop hole! It doesn't have to be found more effective than other drugs already in the market to treat the same condition. It merely has to be more effective than a sugar pill, than a placebo. In the absence of any data whatsoever, what the drug companies do is to promote these new drugs as though they WERE better, and that's what you see on the direct to consumer ads and the marketing directed at physicians."
Why and how have we come to accept a world where companies and corporations are give the right to deceive us through marketing products in manipulative ways to only serve their own benefits? Products which are not what is best for all, but instead only serve the purpose of being a vehicle to funnel money as profit to these companies for their own self-interested benefit. There is a HUGE problem with our health care systems - They are sick, and it's time to stop perpetuating the problems by turning a blind-eye within false hope that 'the corporations/companies are doing what is best for the people'. Pharmaceutical companies are motivated by money and are thus only operating in a way that brings them the biggest possible profit. The evidence is here and it is clear that healthcare as a basic human right has been transformed into a money making scheme for those at the top, while at the same time doing the exact opposite of what it was supposed to, which is to provide equal healthcare for all.
"The healthcare system is a major regressive vehicle - it's making a lot of people very rich and a lot of people very poor. It's actually working to worsen the health of our population" - Health, Money and Fear
The Solution
Equal Money Capitalism is the Solution.
Why do I say this?
To start, within theEqual Money Capitalism system, money will be removed as the motivator within health care, and will no longer be the cause of limitations to the possibilities for research and development.
The current competition going on between pharmaceutical companies, which results in poor products being made and advertised as a lie to the public just to gain profit will no longer be a factor within Equal Money Capitalism. Also the point of the same/similar products being available to assist with one medical point. It's common sense that what is best for all is direct all research and development towards a solution/product which would serve as being the best for all to use in relation to a certain specific medical point. Within EMC, there will be one product, the best product for  every specific medical point which requires support within this field.
"Another fascinating point that is backwards in our Capitalistic System today is the philosophy that if each one acts in a way to satisfy their own self-interest, these self-interest acts will kind of balance each other out in a way that generates results that our beneficial to society as a whole. This is what economists refer to as 'the Invisible Hand". - Economist's Journey to Life
Clearly looking at the statement above, and considering ONLY the point of pharmaceutical companies competing - Reality shows us that this is NOT the case in fact. Rather, instead of benefitting society as a whole in a best for all way, such as proposed with Equal Money Capitalism, within our current world systems the exact opposite is manifested due to profit lusting self-interested principles which form the foundation of our current systems. This will be NO MORE within Equal Money Capitalism.
Within Equal Money Capitalism, everyone will have the same right to life as everyone holds equal value as life. In terms of health care, "everyone will have the same right to life" implies within this that everyone will have health care made equally available to them.
The Reward
Within Equal Money Capitalism, one will be birthed into a world where one’s life is secure in every way, and this includes Health Care which is a basic human right which will be restored to all practically within EMC.
If you have a child within or are a child born into Equal Money Capitalism, then you won't have to worry about your future for the future of your child as far as health care is concerned AS WELL AS any other points which currently cause one to live in fear and survival.
The best health care for your life, for your child's life and for every single body's life on earth, will be guaranteed, period.
For the first time, health care will actually be what it was suppose to be in the first place - a point which supports life in f-ACT.
Please vote on the EMC proposed Healthcare Goal HERE
HealthCare Goal:
"Equal Money Healthcare will track the Food Regimen, the Treatment Regimen, and the Diagnostic Regimen of Each Human to Enhance the Outcome of Optimum Living. This will Result in Real Science, producing a Healthy World focusing on Prevention as the Best Cure." - Healthcare in Equal Money System
Also read more about the how the HealthCare System should and will be within EMC on the Equal Money Wiki Page HERE
Follow Economist's Journey to Lifeto further educate yourself on the Equal Money Capitalism System
And JOIN US on the Equal Money Forum to start participating within this Solution we have ALL been waiting for. Let's not wait any longer than we have to - Let's ACT NOW!.
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